Senior Pilates

Senior Pilates is a unique program that blends together two great workouts. The workout begins with palates inspired calorie burning cardio and finishes with workouts designed to firm, shape and tone the core and lower body. The easy to follow cardio segments blends dance and low impact moves with standing palates exercises to challenge Aerobic fitness and improve posture.

Yoga Body Sculpt

Yoga Body Sculpt is designed to shape and tone your body through a flowing series of yoga poses. The Specially crafted series of poses focuses on sculpting the lower body as well as strengthening the core. Each move is carefully selected and sequenced to increase flexibility while toning the body.

Latin Dances

Enjoy this hi/low intensity interval cardio vascular workout as you dance to mixes of Latin rhythms and top 40 music salsa reggae reggae ton. Exciting and easy to do, created to sculpt body with a combination of fast and slow rhythms.

Beginning Water Exercise

Participants will begin to build and increase physical activity levels while standing in chest deep water. water can provide up to 12 times more resistance than air making it beneficial for strength and mobility training as well as improved cardiovascular conditioning. Participants will learn core stabilization, increase flexibility and range of motion, and build endurance with stretching at the end of the class. Swimming skills are not needed, life jackets are available if desired, and each person works at their own pace.

Low Impact Aerobics

A true blast from the past... Retro Robics is a low intensity cardiovascular workout compromised of traditional hi/lo movements with an easy flair. The choreography is simple, athletic, easy to follow, and most of all fun!

Belly, Butt & Thighs

Belly, butt and thighs targets trouble spots with a two tiered attack blending fat burning cardio with solid muscle conditioning. This unique combination delivers cardio power drills and nonsense strength training. This workout is simple and effective.

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