Proudest Achievements since joining SilverSneakers

"My Participation In Classes- Have tried fitness training before but the instructors were under educated and lacked understanding of the bodies dynamics. As a semi-retired physician with graduate degrees in physiology, I cannot say enough about our instructor, Taylor Ferrell, who has an outstanding knowledge of exercise physiology (especially for seniors) and explains to the group how to safely do the exercises, what they do for our bodies, and what to expect, and is very personable and encouraging." -Gary

"That I can do weight training with yoga 5 days a week. Also I can feel that my balance has improved." -Pamela

"Being able to get up early and get active." -Melanie

"Overall improvement to my health and sense of well being." -Ronald

"Improved my strength, I can now stand for a much longer periods of time without pain in my back." -Barb

"I am proudest that I am dedicated to the program and will continue to apply myself physically." -Rosalie

"The awareness of how much my body need overall strengthening."-Ruth

"Being able to get up and down off the floor. Feeling proud that I'm doing something to help myself." -Carol

"I can now touch my toes!! Taylor makes it fun and entertaining. When you are laughing, it creates more energy and time flies." -Roberta

"I lost 10 pounds." - Micheal