August 29, 2017
To Whom It May Concern,
Two months ago, a fitness angel came to our senior community and it has been heaven ever since. Taylor Ferrell really cares about the senior population, if she had it her way every senior in Huntington Beach would be healthier than the 20 something’s running around the beach today.
The Residents here at Skandia were so happy to have a fitness program right here in their own back yards. No more getting to and from a gym, and no traffic to get to the Clubhouse and get in shape, regain their balance, and enjoy it all at the same time. As manager for the past 8 years, I have never seen a happier, or friendlier group of seniors than I see in my Park now. The exercise has changed the attitudes of the grumpy old senior, and made the residents a joy to be around. They talk about staying fit, how good they feel when they get up in the mornings and the best thing they share is how well they are now sleeping. You could tell the seniors that exercise is good for them but they won’t believe you, then they try it.
Thank you, Silver Sneakers, you couldn’t have come at a better time in all our lives. But the biggest thank you goes to
Taylor, she’s the one that motivates these seniors, she’s the one who is here day after day making the seniors stronger, healthier, and best of all, she’s making a huge mark in their lives, letting them live just a little longer. Sincerely,
Mary Y e
Park Manager
Skandia Mobile Country Club Huntington Beach, CA 92649

The residents of Sea Breeze Mobile Estates are all Seniors, and for the past month have enjoyed the benefits of the FLEX and SIL VER SNEAKERS community fitness classes.
When first presented to me, as Manager of Sea Breeze, I could not believe it was a FREE program for Seniors. However, it has worked very well for my residents, and we are greatly appreciative of the classes offered on a daily basis.
Thanks for the opportunity to keep our Seniors moving and healthy.